Our story

At Job Hubbub, we know what it’s like to search for a job and network with our local connections. As business owners, Chamber of Commerce members and community leaders, we understand the value of local relationships in both applying AND searching for jobs.

We also understand the importance to a city or town to nurture and retain hometown talent. Because of the impersonal nature of larger job websites, we’ve seen the challenges when local companies downsize or reorganize, causing skilled workers and active citizens to look elsewhere for job opportunities.

Our Goal

Knowing these challenges, we set out to develop a system that would bring local employers together with local job seekers, and leverage the power of business organizations to be the bridge. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and the value opportunity that it provides.

The results

With the wealth of knowledge and familiarity that comes from years of experience, we’ve created a system that is unique in its functions, its value, its ease of use and its specificity to YOUR community. In addition, you will find that it fills a need you’ve probably been experiencing, but didn’t quite know how to address. Job Hubbub gives your entity the tools to develop the connections that keep the talent where you are.

Next Steps...

Want to learn more?  Click the Contact Us button and we will be more than happy to speak with you about the details of how JobHubBub  can provide all of the benefits listed above.